Small Business Website
Small Business Website
Small businesses web development services represent one of our main interests. Just like in all our work, when we go through the process of a small business web development, we do not just build website or an application, we actually create digital assets. We help small businesses expand, grow and create their brands in the minds of the consumers. We accompany the small businesses owners in their trip of success. We understand their needs and get them known. We not only drive customers to their doors, we get the customers to love their experiences with our clients and positively spread their satisfactions driving more customers to our clients.

We offer a variety of services for the web needs of our small businesses clients as follows.

Website design and development

If you are a new small business without a website, it might be time to get into the internet. If you already have a more than four years old website, it might be time to redesign it. Although a Facebook page is a good tool to get your customers engaged, it is not a website. Basically, Facebook pages present the customers whatever you post, however usually they do not give them the information they are looking for. In your website, the customers can easily navigate through your business services, profile and projects. On the other hand, this is hard in a Facebook page in which the customers have to keep navigating and searching through endless posts. It is our duty to get your business easily noticed, reached and understood.

Mobile presence

Four fifths (80%) of the web traffic is mobile. Consequently, it is essential for your business to be able available to the mobile users in order for your business to capture their leads. Most of the websites that were built before year 2012 are much likely not to be mobile friendly; we will take care of that getting your business available to the mobile population.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important for a small business, just like any business, that the potential customers find it. Small businesses need more work and effort in order to get found, unlike the already known brands and companies. We use the latest techniques and industry best practices to get your small business online presence moving up to the eyes of the customers then settling down in their hearts.